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Get The Benefits Of AFull Size Sauna 

In One Compact Wrap

Burn Calories & Detoxify Your Body As You Sweat

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  • De-Stress, De-Ache & Detoxify

  • Helps Burn Calories - Reduce water bloat

  • Heat Settings - Easy To Use Digital Remote With 8 Heat Settings Up To 150 Degrees

  • Auto-Shut Off - Automatically Turns Off After 1 Hour

  • Infrared Heat – Uses Safe Far-Infrared Heat Technology

  • High Quality Material - Made From High-Quality PU Material On The Outside And A Waterproof Interior

  • Free Vibrating Massage Pad – Moveable to hit neck, back or legs

  • Foldable & Portable - Designed For Home Use Or Travel

  • waterproof interior - for easy clean up

  • Save Money - No More Expensive Spa Appointments

  • Sauna Wrap Includes -  Calming Heat Sauna Wrap with 8 Heat setting 

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the Benefits of Bulky Equipment & Expensive Spa Treatments

Helps Flush Impurities from Your Skin & Body

Helps Burn Calories While you sweat  & Eliminate Water Weight

Helps invigorate tired, sore, overworked muscles


The Calming Heat Sauna Wrap is the ultimate personal & portable spa wrap. The Suana Wrap not only helps detoxify your body, but it can burn calories relieve stress, improve circulation and so much more. The Calming Heat Sauna Wrap uses safe infra-red technology for penetrating heat that help your body relax and rejuvenate. Start on your way to a healthier lifestyle with Calming Heat Sauna Wrap.

Designed to Help Alleviate Daily Stress & Strain For Maximum Relief!

Infrared technology

helps invigorate with tired, sore muscle relaxation, detoxification & blood circulation.

Foldable & Storable

Folds flat when not in use for easy storage

Heat settings

Digital remote let you set temperatuture up to 150 degrees

Easy to Clean

Waterproof interior lining for easy clean-up
Sauna Helps With All This & MORE!
  • Overwork

  • Increased Metabolism

  • Improves skin

  • Improves Circulation

  • Relaxation

  • Helps Relieve Stress

  • Detoxification

  • Improves Circulation

  • Helps Reduce Stiffness

What is Infrared Technology?


The secret is Infrared Technology - Our Sauna Wrap contains a tourmaline interwoven fabric that when heated by the wires in the device, emit FIR (far infrared radiation). FIR are waves of energy not visible to the naked eye. This type of radiation has therapeutic properties that help with muscle relaxation and improved absorption compared to a traditional heating pad, as well as improved detoxification and blood circulation.


“I love that I can burn calories while I relax and get all the benefits of a regular sized sauna in my own home.”
I love how much I sweat. Calming Heat Sauna blanket is great before a workout to get my muscles warmed up and it’s the perfect way to recover after”


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Get All The Benefits Of A Full Size Sauna In One Compact Wrap

Features & Benefits

  • De-Stress, De-Ache & Detoxify

  • Helps Burn Calories - Reduce water bloat

  • Infrared Heat - uses safe far-infrared heat technology

  • foldable & portable - Designed for home use or travel

  • Save Money - No more expensive spa appointments

  • Free Vibrating Massage Pad – Moveable to hit neck, back or legs

  • Heat Settings - Easy to Use digital remote with 8 heat settings up to 150 degrees

  • High Quality Material - Made from high-quality PU material on the outside and a waterproof interior

  • waterproof interior - for easy clean up

  • Auto-Shut Off - Automatically turns off after 1 hour

  • Sauna Wrap Includes -  Calming Heat Sauna Wrap with 8 Heat setting 

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